We consider it important that our clients and business contacts are satisfied with the quality of our service.


Complaints procedure

We consider it important that our clients and business contacts are satisfied with the quality of our service. We therefore continually monitor and work to improve the services we offer to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

It is possible, however, that at some point our service fails to live up to your expectations. If you are not satisfied with our service, a staff member or any other aspect of our organization, please inform us of that as soon as possible. By sharing your experience and providing us with feedback you give us the opportunity to improve while at the same time enabling us to turn a negative experience into something positive.

Our complaints procedure sets out how you can submit a complaint.

If a complaint is received it will, of course, be treated with the utmost discretion and where possible we will work closely with you to find an appropriate solution. The complaints procedure forms part of HBK’s quality assurance system and is essentially intended for HBK’s clients but may also be used by third parties.

Complaint resolution by phone

Some complaints can most easily be resolved by phone. Please could you therefore first contact our secretariat for us to establish whether it would be possible and useful to discuss a complaint over the phone, or whether we need to make an appointment. You can reach our secretariat in either of the following two ways:

  1. By phone: +31 (0) 71 54 22 720
  2. Or by e-mail: secretariaat@hbk.nl

Formal written complaints procedure

If you do not wish to discuss a complaint person to person, or if a verbal complaint has not produced the results you wished to see, you may submit a formal written complaint. You can do this by sending a letter or an e-mail to our complaints officer. We will of course deal with complaints very carefully.

If you wish to submit a letter of complaint, this should be addressed to:
HBK fiscalisten_accountants_expat consultants, FAO complaints officer
Hoofdstraat 2
2351 AJ Leiderdorp

If you wish to submit a complaint by e-mail, this should be sent to:

The complaint will be handled by our complaints officer, unless the complaint concerns the complaints officer (or his or her actions). In which event one of the directors will deal with your complaint. The complaints officer will respond to the complaint within 14 days and try to find an appropriate solution to the satisfaction of both you and the other party/ies involved. Should it not be feasible to meet this deadline you will be informed of this within 14 days of receipt of your complaint and kept further informed of the progress of the procedure. After completion you will receive written confirmation of the outcome of the procedure.

We hope that this provides you with sufficient information. Naturally, we hope we can continue to enjoy a pleasant working relationship with you in the future.

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