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Twenty-five experts with a mission. Passionate and personally committed. Shrewd and reliable. Razor sharp, in fact.
We know that when it comes to tax, opportunities are often overlooked. Opportunities that could both optimize your tax and financial situation, and minimize risks. We know the ropes and have the necessary national and international expertise and experience when it comes to financial accounting, tax, personnel, salaries, the law and pension matters.

We have more to offer than just tax or financial advice. The consultants in our specialist groups would be happy to support and advise you in achieving the best for you and your business. How do we do that? By looking at your situation from a different perspective. By considering more than just your tax burden. So we see what others don’t see and seize the opportunities.

Filing tax returns is just the last step in this process. Something we do accurately and efficiently.

​The closer you look, the more you see; the more you have, the more you can do and, ultimately, you will be even better off than you thought you were.

We put you at the centre of everything we do. HBK is never passive, but always critical and pro-active. Our focus is not on how you did it, but on how to do it. We relieve you of the paperwork, so you can focus on doing business: which is your task. Ours is to minimize how much you have to hand over to the tax authorities!

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Tax advisors

Tax advice is an important part of the support we can provide to your company. We closely follow both national and international developments in tax law and always keep abreast of the latest legislation and jurisprudence.



HBK looks beyond the figures. Understanding where your business stands and pinpointing opportunities that others don’t see: that’s what sets us apart!


Expat consultants

The specialists at HBK expat consultants provide expert advice on tax and social security matters relating to cross-border employment.


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HBK delivers what gets you ahead

“HBK knows the human measure of expertise and entrepreneurial spirit”

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